What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Spring 2021 Recreational Soccer Registration is Open!!!!

The program is open to  girls and boys born on 1/1/2002 and 12/31/2017 to play this season.  To take advantage of our best price of the season players should register in the super saver period. Players save $30 off the regular registration fees.

Registration Type Spring Dates Club Dues SFL Dues
Super Saver November 5 2020- Nov 24, 2020 $100 $120
Early Bird  Nov 25, 2020 - January 19, 2020 $115 $135
Regular  January 20, 2020 and beyond! $130 $150

Note: SFL players will only pay SFL dues not club dues

Club dues is for Mini-kicks and in-House league


WYSC will be putting the following teams for the Spring season;

Fall Teams
Mini Kicks In-House League Select Teams
  • U4 Coed (2017)
  • U5 Coed (2016)
  • U6 Coed (2015)
  • U8 Co-ed (2013/2014)
  • U10 Boys (2011/2012)
  • U10 Girls (2011/2012)
  • U11 Boys/Girls(2010)
  • U12 Boys/Girls (2009)
  • U13 Boys/Girls (2008)
  • U14 Boys (2007)
  • U16 Boys/Girls (2005/2006)
  • U19 Boys/Girls (2002/2003/2004)















Coaches Clinic for Spring Soccer 2021

Do you have an interest in coaching for soccer or know someone who would be interested in coaching? 

WYSC will be hosting a free coaches clinic for all who are interested in coaching for the upcoming spring soccer season. The clinic will introduce soccer methodology for U8 and U10 children. Having a fun and successful practice session is what every coach wants. Our Director of Coaching, Coach Sergio Guzman will be hosting a Coaches Clinic at our Athey Sports Complex, the first weekend of March. Come listen, engage and learn about our U8 and U10 academy style training.


WYSC's U10 in-house soccer league will be taught using an academy style technique. Teams will have once a week practice for 1.5 hours each week. The first 45 minutes the teams will work as a group on technical skills coached by WYSC's Director of Coaching; Sergio Guzman along with the teams volunteer coach and assistant coaches. The second half of the practice the teams will separate into individual teams and work on the

teams aspect of soccer. All U10 sessions will be held on Tuesday or Wednesday's.  

Currently this methodology is being taught for U8 children, with practices being held on Wednesday or Thursdays.  



Who: Coach Sergio Guzman (Director of Coaching)

When:  March 6th, 12-2pm

Where:  Athey Sports Complex, Warrenton, Va. 20187

Who: Candidates 16+ 





  • The topics that tie into U8 and U10 methodology training will cover:
  • What is coordination and how to train?
  • Introduction of teaching the Technique Level 1-2
  • Introduction of tactics
  • Introduction to Physical Preparation
  • Parts of a workout
  • Session Structure
  • WYSC U8 and U10 game systems


WYSC Spring recreational volleyball Registration is Open!


Session Date Age Practice Day Practice Time Game Day Game Time
1  3/22/2021 -06/05/2021 7 - High School


Between 5:30-8:30 - 1 hour sessions

Saturday Mornings 9:00-5:00


Program specifics:

  • Cost $130.00
  • First week of practice March 22nd
  • First game April 11th
  • Championship game June 5th for Middle and High School Divisions
  • Uniforms must be ordered through WYSC online vendor 431sports.com Uniforms are not included in the registration cost
  • 9 weeks of practices and games
  • Games and practices will be held at our outdoor Athey Sports Complex by the WARF.  


Spring lacrosse is now open to new and existing players, boys and girls ranging from 7-14, grades 1-8.   

Fun facts about the history of Lacrosse:

  • Lacrosse is the fastest game played on two feet in the United States
  • Lacrosse was invented by Native Americans and rules were later invented by the Seneca and Mohawk Indian Tribes. 
  • Lacrosse was taught to young men to toughen their spirits for day to day life.  The sport develops important physical, mental and motor skills such as hand eye coordination as we know today. 
  • Women played their first game in 1890

 So parents if this is what you are looking for, then sign your up child for this upcoming spring season!!!! 

Practices will start the week of March 15th 2021. 

Schedule will be released once players have been placed on teams.****




WYSC's Spring Mini-Stix 2021 Registration is open!!!

Parents come register your kids for Spring mini-stix training this spring.

  • Registration is $50, to include a mini-stix tee shirt
  • Who:  Girls K-2 and Boys K-1
  • When: Practices start March 29, 1 day a week 
  • Where:  Athey Field Complex
  • Kids need sneakers, a mini-stix stick if they have one, or one will be provided free of charge per kid!!!

   Royal blue arrow 118 icon - Free royal blue arrow icons Click the register button to enroll your child in Spring Mini-Stix today!!!!


Divisions Spots Filled Spots Open
K-1 Mini Stix Boys                                    2                       10                               
K-2 Mini-Stix Girls                                   1 11
Girls 2-3                                                    2 10
Boys 2-3                                                    3 9
Girls 4-5                                                    2 10
Boys 4-5                                                      0 12
Middle School 6-8                                        4 8



(Table and spots updated weekly) 




WYSC's Spring Soccer Academy Training Program


Don't wait!!! We're ready to train this Fall......!

WYSC invites you to a free trial class!
We have a modern methodology to train players of the future! Neuroscience applied to Modern Soccer,,,,,,,,!!!!!!
Two practices a week with professional staff with experience in training future athletes..!

Training sessions are held on Monday and Tuesday's depending on age

Call now and sign up now at:540-347-9972
En espanol 571-474-8026

Register Now! 

  Fall   Winter 1/week  Winter 2/week  Spring 2020
  U6 Academy   $85 $85 $125 $85
U7 Academy $85 $85 $125 $85
U8 Academy $85 $85 $125 $85
U10 Academy $110 $85 $125 $110
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Field Status
Fauquier Health #4 (U08) - Warrenton TBD (3/4) 
Fauquier Health #5 (U10) - Warrenton TBD (3/4) 
Fauquier Health #6 (U08) - Warrenton TBD (3/4) 
Fauquier Health #7 (U10) - Warrenton TBD (3/4) 
Highland Field@Athey - Warrenton TBD (3/4) 
Union Bank #1 (U12/13) - Warrenton TBD (3/4) 
Union Bank #2 (U12/13) - Warrenton TBD (3/4) 
Volleyball Athey # 01 - Warrenton TBD (3/4) 
Volleyball Athey # 02 - Warrenton TBD (3/4) 
Volleyball Athey # 03 - Warrenton TBD (3/4) 
WYSC Club Gym - Warrenton OPEN (3/4) 
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